Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tennessee Walking Horse euthanized due to DSLD-ESPA

From the Horsetopia Forum

sweet georgia gurl has been getting worse over the past few months hindlimb lamness that cripples both hind limbs, she lays down alot because she can't get comfy on her legs,. she was diagnosed with a disease that affects the tendons and ligaments because she was born coon footed. she has conformation which has made it a more severe will eventually affect her heart and eyes and she will be in severe pain,I can't have her hurt all the time that would be so sad even though this is sad too I know that she will be in no pain. ( i will look tomorrow and get the name of the disease, it is mostly seen in peruvian pasos, she is a twh. but sadely she will be put down tomorrow because we don't want her to suffer and my vet said there is no treatment that we can do for her. she will be missed greatly. I loved her so much, I am truley heart broken. I sat with her today in her stall and just cried my heart out. she was laying down so I just hugged that big sweet horse and told her how I loved her so..georgia gurl 1999-2008 we will miss you dear friend and babysitter...the last pic is of layton my friends daughter who rode her in costume lead line...she loved her very much.