Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Questions from Yahoo Answers

Some good replies to the question below were posted; however, the only reply that gave up-to-date information received a thumbs down vote. I registered with Yahoo to vote it up but am not allowed to vote until I accumulate points. Here's the link:

Coon footed horse/DSLD put down?

I have a coon footed pony thats hind legs have dropped so far, he has completely straight legs now(not even an angle at the hock). He is 4 yrs old and is on stall rest. The vet gave him 5 months before he will be in so much pain he will have to be euthanized.

I Dont see the point in keeping him around for five months just to be in pain. Maybe if there was a good outcome but sense theres not is there really a point?

I think it would be best to put him to sleep now and not have him suffer at all...but a certain someone is saying it would be extremely selfish to do that.
Is it selfish to put him down before he is in pain or goes crazy from being stuck in a stall? I thought it would be doing him a favor.

Additional Details

My vet gave him 5 months before his pasterns would be hitting the ground and he would be in a lot of pain. Right now his hocks are hurting him doe to the straightness in his legs.