Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Case of DE

From the Forum
13 y/o Peruvian Paso

I am wondering if anyone has experience with dsld horses. I have a Peruvian Paso mare that is around 13 years old and has been having some issues. She started about 5 years ago and then stabilized with a barefoot natural trim. It seems as if things have been progressing and she is having more troubles walking with her hinds- very dropped fetlocks and tight muscles, walking wide, ect. I have the vet coming out today, but wondering if anyone had any other ideas.


Anonymous said...

Hey there, okay well they is no way of fixing dsld, we have a peruvian mare with it as well, we put her on a glucosimin that you can get from your feed store. Give that to her everyday for the rest of her life, a full scope. We sometimes if needed give our mare a bit of bute once a week it she looks really sore. But so far she is happy and living a fair life.