Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Another Sad Story

Here's another horse euthanized due to DSLD-ESPA:  A Sad Story

Esmeralda is a Paso, a Peruvian breed of horse with a smooth swaying gait. They are charming animals, but their breed is prone to DSLD, a disease where little tears form in the ligaments, but do not repair with the same elasticity as before. Eventually a horse with DSLD cannot walk or stand. They are in constant pain. There is no cure.

While this is tragic for the family, I hope they find some peace and comfort in knowing they allowed their beloved mare to pass away peacefully and with dignity.  Until the research provides us with more answers, that's about all any of us can do.


One Red Horse said...

Hi, You have done a very comprehensive job of gathering resources and case examples. I am slowly working through your blog - it is very helpful. I wonder if you might consider equipping the Blogger widgets for labels and for the blog archive. Also, I noticed you disabled comments for you post related to Athena, I'd love to be able to check back and see if any of your readers had additional thoughts on helping her.



One Red Horse said...

The mare I featured - Athena, also has a horrid rattling sound when she breathes. This has been attributed to allergies. My friend, her current caretaker, has a vet appt. on Monday (same vet who saw her in May and said she was sound!). I want to be prepared for the exam with a list of questions that will be helpful. Any ideas appreciated.

~R~ said...

Oops! Thanks for letting me know the comments were disabled. I used a service to submit that post and didn't realize it the comments were turned off. They are now on.

As for the labels, I'd like to enable them, but they'll only show vertically AFAIK, and that really messes with the layout. I've temporarily enabled them for you at the very bottom of the blog though. :)

TY so much for the comments and feedback.