Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Straight Forward Approach

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all breeds took an approach to meet problems head-on and resolve them BEFORE they grow and become difficult to manage? Here is the Akhal-Teke breed's response to DSLD-ESPA:
Current researchers strongly advise to take all affected horses out of the breeding pool so the disease does not get passed on, as the disorder is believed to be genetic. Currently at least one productive Akhal Teke sire has been witnessed to show classic symptoms, however there are quite a few photos of a variety of Akhal Teke available, which put them on a list of "also supects".


In view of the so very narrow genetic diversity of the Akhal Teke breed, suspect horses ought to be tested by knowledgable veterinarians and their immediate family checked as well.

IMO, this is a breed that will go far as they earn the trust and confidence of buyers/owners/breeders.