Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mountain Pleasure Horse with D/E

From the HorseTopia Forums:

I entrusted my long-time companion and first horse to the care of a
retirement facility where my beautiful, 16-year-old, palomino, Mountain
Pleasure Horse gelding is now way too thin, has small sores on one hip
and elbow, and is in need of a good home as a pasture buddy. I don't
know how this could have happened because he is an easy-keeper and has
never been underweight!

He still has lots of life left in him, is very curious and loves being
around people, and could be fun for training tricks or just enjoying
his beauty (once back in good condition). He can't really be ridden
because of a diagnosis of DSLD, but when feeling good, he could
probably lead around a child for a short time.

I have three horses at home on a very small acreage, and I've been
trying to find a home for one of those three. Now, I may have to pick
up my palomino gelding so that he can get back in good weight before
winter. I also took my beautiful, yearling filly to that facility
because she was diagnosed with cataracts. I will have to bring them
both home at the same time when I rescue my gelding, and it will be
very difficult for me to maintain five horses at my house.

If you, or anyone you know, can help me out, please e-mail or call me as soon as possible. Thank you VERY much!