Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lessons Learned

A horse owner wrote Don West regarding her DSLD-ESPA diagnosed Peruvian Horse. She didn't get a vet check and believed the owners when they told her the horse was "out of condition." You can read her letter here on Don West's website. (Note: This letter and reply were written four years ago. There is more information on DSLD-ESPA available now than there was then.)

In his reply, Don West states that DSLD is found in many breeds.
TRUE! There are many members participating on the DSLD-ESPA Equine Yahoo Group, and they own various horse breeds affected by DSLD-ESPA.

Don also states in his reply that Paso Finos don’t seem to have the problem. Sorry Don, there are owners of DSLD-ESPA affected PFs on the DSLD-ESPA Equine Yahoo Group, also.

For those with recently diagnosed horses: Members of the DSLD-ESPA Equine Yahoo Group are trying a few experimental treatments (treatments--not cures) with some success. If you have a horse with DSLD-ESPA, please consider joining the DSLD-ESPA Equine Yahoo Group and participating in these trials.